Perry Mobley

Dr. Perry Mobley

Dr. Perry Mobley served as interim pastor at Central Presbyterian Church in 1992 and 1993 after the death of Dr. Jumper and prior to the calling of Dr. Tim Brewer. Dr. Mobley provided a caring, nurturing and fatherly presence during a critical time of transition. His wisdom and deep spiritual understanding encouraged and convicted the congregation at Central. Perry's wife, Jeane, also served as a great teacher to all and mentor to the women of the church. Their love for Christ and the church was palpable.

Faced with the probability of a long search to find a successor to Dr. Jumper, the church called a trusted,  experienced and nurturing interim pastor in Dr. Perry Mobley. His home was in Florence, South Carolina and he personified a loving southern gentleman. His humble self-depracating transparency and wry sense of humor were healing.

Dr. Mobley had participated in Dr. Jumper's funeral and his words of comfort to Dr. Jumper's wife, Sydney and family came to characterize his year-long ministry at Central.

"Sydney, for you and your children and all the members of your family, God has a special word for you today. It is this: he loves you. He understands the hurt and ache of your heart. He comes to meet you in this very moment, to put his arms around you and hold you very close to himself, to give you all of his love, all of his peace, and all of his comfort, to heal your broken hearts, to give you new live."

These short but poignant sermons provide timeless lessons and spiritual challenge.

Dr. Mobley is currently serving as Pastor Emeritus at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Florence, South Carolina.