Historical Storylines



Taking the next step in this Preserved Wisdom History Project has led us to a new endeavor. Through the Central History Project we plan to produce video storylines to preserve and present the history of the church as it intertwined with the history of St. Louis. 

These historical storylines will be presented as short, two to four minute, videos with the objective of succinctly sharing Central and St. Louis’ history over the first 150  years of the church’s history. New episodes of these historical storylines will be added to this project as they are produced.

Why study history? The value of intentionally studying history is to analyze where we’ve been in order to adjust our course if necessary so that where we’re heading in the best direction. We learn from our yesterdays in order to best actualize God’s plans for us in our tomorrows. 

We hope this video series, Historical Storylines, will educate, encourage and inspire.

Links to the Historical Storyline videos will be added to this page as they are developed.